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  • Quay House Wellbeing Centre – Quay House, The Quay, Newport, Isle of Wight PO30 2QR
  • High Street Wellbeing Centre – 7 High Street, Newport, Isle of Wight PO30 1UD

Please note at this time Isorropia Foundation is only able to accept referrals from IOW NHS trust mental health service.

Isorropia Foundation is a new kind of service – a non-profit community interest company that’s designed to bridge the gaps that exists in our social and healthcare services. Gaps that people are falling through every day, that’s harming our community and preventing us from prospering.

What are these gaps? They include a wide range of support services that are tailored to the individual and provided when that person needs it – not months down the line. Services such as therapies, groups and courses… information, advice and guidance… training, volunteering and community projects… employment opportunities, and helping people to become self-employed.

Who is it that needs these services? It’s anyone who finds themselves in need of a helping hand at some point in their lives, perhaps due to illness, a relationship breakdown, being made redundant, social isolation, substance abuse, domestic abuse, discrimination, disability, being deeply unhappy in their job, or because they feel their life lacks meaning and direction. Problems that, if left unaddressed will often deteriorate and cause bigger problems in the future, and ripple out and cause secondary problems in the community. But if treated when the problem first arises, with some friendly, intelligent and well-target support, can drastically change the course of that person’s life, and lead them onto a much happier, healthier, and more productive path.

And that’s the purpose of Isorropia – to support people from all walks of life when they need a little help, by offering a welcoming environment in which they can recover, reflect, and unlock their full potential. The kind of activities that we offer encompass everything from talking, sound and art therapies… to information, advice and guidance… support groups, communal meals and community projects… paper making, creative writing and film making groups… mindfulness, yoga and guided meditation… beach-combing, bush crafts and foraging walks… training and volunteering… employment opportunities, and helping people to join or set-up a social enterprise.

We encourage those involved to choose their own pathway, and progress at their own speed. And as people’s needs are met, there is growth. A progression occurs as people discover who they are and what their passions and skills are, as they overcome obstacles that were holding them back, and formulate aspirations that give meaning and direction to their life. We help people to build and connect with opportunities, so that finally they’re not afraid of leaving the service, but excited about taking the next step on their journey.

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