Southern Water Affordability & Vulnerability Schemes &Tariffs

(Updated 10/01/2022)

Difficulty paying your bill

We understand that our customers may experience financial problems, particularly in these difficult economic times. If you’re having problems in paying your water bill, we have four help schemes.

Essentials tariff 

Do you need help paying your water bill?

  • You may qualify for a minimum 20% discount if your household income is less that £21,000 per annum (not including Personal Independence Allowance, Disability Living Allowance or Attendance Allowance)
  • If someone at your address receives Pension Credit, you’ll automatically be accepted onto the tariff and receive a 20% discount

WaterSure tariff

  • Could look to cap your water bill if you have a water meter


  • Could help you pay off your water debt

Water Direct

  • Jobcentre Plus may consider paying us amounts directly from your benefits on your behalf

Priority Services Register

Our Priority Services ensures that people in special circumstances can access water services – such as an audio bill, or extra support if there’s disruption to your water supply.

To ensure we always know who needs Priority Services, we keep a register. We can add you to our Priority Services Register if you, or someone in your household:

Extra support if you, or someone in your household:

  • Are at a pensionable age with additional needs such as limited mobility
  • Have a disability or chronic illness
  • Have mental health challenges
  • Have a medical condition that means you need additional help (whether long or short term)
  • Have difficulty seeing, hearing or communicating
  • Require assistance with your water account or want a little extra security in protecting your account

Services we offer:

  • Our Priority Services ensures that people in special circumstances can access water services – such as extra support if there’s a disruption to their water supply
  • Have your bills sent to a friend or relative, or register a unique password
  • Large print, braille bills, CD or digital bills
  • Talking bills (have your bills explained to you over the telephone)

Call our free-phone helpline on 0800 027 0800 from 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday or alternatively apply on-line at

Free Water Efficiency Home Visits

Domestic residents can apply for a free water saving visit either online or by email, giving name, full address,  contact number and headcount.

Free Waterwise talks are available to schools and other community groups.  Please apply through or email

Click Here to find out about our Keep it Clear Unflushables 

Keep it Clear – Southern Water Unflushables

**Coronavirus Updates**

Assistance available for customers

During this unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak, Southern Water are doing their best to protect customers and have introduced a 3 month payment break or reduced payment plans for which you can apply online or you can call one of our team on 0330 303 0277

Furthermore, we will continue to support our customers who maybe struggling to pay for their water services charges through the promotion of our schemes and tariffs which can be found by clicking here

Supporting our vulnerable customers
Southern Water are continuing to promote our Priority Services Register to encourage those who qualify to sign up for additional support. This can be found by clicking here

More good news from Southern Water!

For this current financial year, Southern Water are setting up a new fund to help vulnerable customers who maybe struggling financially or need additional help in some way, such as with repairs in the home or white goods etc.

Detail of the scheme:

There are three different types of support available –

  • Up to 50% one year bill reduction for customers who have hit temporary hard times.
  • Debt write-off of up to £2000 for customers who have managed to get back on track with payments but will never be able to repay their debt.
  • Grant of up to £1000 to make improvements to a customer’s home (this might be the purchase of white goods that a customer cannot afford to replace, repairs to heating or water systems that they cannot afford, etc.)

Eligibility criteria:

Bill reduction:

  • Household income is greater than current Essentials threshold (£21,000).
  • Customer expenditure significantly outweighs income due to a temporary shock – such as bereavement, main earner’s loss of employment, sudden additional caring responsibilities.
  • Customer fully expecting circumstances to improve.

Debt write-off:

  • Customer is making regular payments that cover (or nearly cover) current usage.
  • Customer has a significant debt (over £500) that has accrued due to circumstances outside of their control (such as financial abuse by a partner, mental health breakdown, prolonged absence from work).
  • Customer is unlikely to be able to ever clear the debt.


  • Customer faces significant financial hardship with no support network.
  • Although paying their water bill, customer cannot afford basics (such as proper food, clothes or heating).
  • Customer already benefits from a reduced bill.
  • There is something that can be done to provide long term benefit (such as a replacement washing machine or a plumber to fix a leaky toilet) or assistance in a crisis (such as food vouchers).


Application process:

Please contact myself direct on 07775 407017 or complete the attached application and email me at Alternatively you can contact the Southern Water Affordability Team on 0800 027 0800 or by email at .

Decision process:

Decisions will be made monthly by a Southern Water panel of senior management, with customer being informed shortly afterwards.


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