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(Updated 05/02/2021)

Our sewers and the drains in your home are only designed to carry the three Ps – pee, poo and paper.

Every year there are thousands of blockages in these pipes, caused by people flushing the wrong things down the toilet or pouring fat, oil and grease down the sink.

Your pipes are smaller than you think, about 10cm, so even a small blockage can cause sewage to flood your home or gardenThe cost of repairs and to clean up flooding can also add up to a hefty bill.

So, we are running a campaign between now and 2020 to visit homes in ‘blockage hotspots’ with advice on how to keep our sewers and your drains clear.

Our team will be knocking on the doors of nearly 20,000 homes each year to share information about what and what not to flush down the loo or pour down the sink and drains.

We’ll also be checking manholes and putting cameras in sewers to check they are working properly, and using high-powered water jets to clear any blockages we find.

Below are simple steps you can take to help protect your home from flooding and help keep our environment clear.

Fat, Oil and Grease –   Any leftover Fat and grease from cooking, when cool, should be scrapped out of your pans and into the bin. Your pots and pans should then be wiped down with kitchen roll before it’s washed up and the used kitchen roll should then be disposed of in the bin. Any leftover cooking oil should be placed back into an old water/coke bottle. When it’s full up you can take this into your local recycling centre who will then turn this into bio-fuel. If you are unable to visit your recycling centre, we advise to place your bottle of used oil in the general waste bin. You should also wipe down your plates with kitchen roll before you wash them up.
Unflushable Items – Only the 3p’s should be flushed down your toilet. PEE, POO AND TOILET PAPER. Items such as wipes Including flushable wipes, cotton buds, Sanitary items, plasters, condoms and nappies should all be placed in the bin and not down the toilet. These items do not breakdown in our sewer and will cause our sewers to block up and cause pollutions and floodings.

Please click on our link below to find out so much more.

If you are part of a group and would like us to come and deliver a talk to your group about this subject, including plastic pollutions and other important topics, please contact email us at , which is free and include freebies for everyone who attends.

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Assistance available for customers

During this unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak, Southern Water are doing their best to protect customers and have introduced a 3 month payment break or reduced payment plans for which you can apply online or you can call one of our team on 0330 303 0277

Furthermore, we will continue to support our customers who maybe struggling to pay for their water services charges through the promotion of our schemes and tariffs which can be found by clicking here

Supporting our vulnerable customers
Southern Water are continuing to promote our Priority Services Register to encourage those who qualify to sign up for additional support. This can be found by clicking here

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