Hypnosis for IBS

How Hypnosis for IBS works:

The aim of the programme is to significantly reduce both the symptoms and the frequency of attacks by:

  1. Bringing an awareness of any specific food triggers

2. Making targeted suggestions on gut activity, as well as suggests of general relaxation

3. Calming the digestive tract and preventing unnecessary focus on discomfort in the body

4. Addressing the “miscommunication” between the brain and gut, producing a therapeutic effect

5. Providing clients with a healthy coping strategy.

Clients are also given a supporting recording to listen to in-between their sessions.

For more details visit www.embraceyourworld.co.uk

Hypnosis can help IBS
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About Sandy Hector

I am a fully qualified and insured Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner. Registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register, (GHR) and the Complimentary and Natural Health care Council (CNHC) I'm also a FRYOG trained Yoga Teacher and teach weekly classes in Newport and Binstead.